• Romantic Getaway

    In a gypsy-caravan at the river’s edge

Holidays at a river's edge

On a gypsy-caravan, a cube-shaped cabin or a cabin-pod on a island

The wild beauty of nature

Located in the French countryside of Picardy, close to Belgium and Paris, we welcome you in our bucolic wildflower meadow site surrounded by trees and the winding river “Omignon”. Enjoy a relaxing holiday away from hustle and bustle and try something different in one of our unusual accommodations: the gypsy-caravans, the “carré d’étoiles” or the cabins-POD.

Each of them tells a story where you can enjoy a unique adventure: Romantic Églantine, Bucolic Pâquerette, Wandering Capucine, Artistic Iris, Angélique “The roaring twenties”, the Céleste, Violette, Ondine and Sylvestre cabin.

Holidays at a river's edge

Choose between our bucolic and unusual accomodations.

Gypsy-caravan near the river

1 to 5 people


Cabin pod on an island

2 people

from 95€/night
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